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Frank's Zone Best Mouse

Swiftpoint GT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse with Bluetooth, Quick Recharge, 1250 DPI

  • Over 1,000 5‑Star Reviews
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - The GT's Ergonomic design could cure your pain or discomfort from using a conventional ‘claw grip’ mouse. The Swiftpoint GT’s unique pen-like grip has users telling the world their GT experience is life-changing.
  • UNIQUELY MOBILE - 'The best mobile mouse available. Period.' Entrepreneur Magazine. At 24gms the GT is 25% the weight of a conventional mouse, and features a full 1-hr use from a 30-sec rapid charge.
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE - The Swiftpoint GT functions across iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, and is integrated with VMware Horizon Client, Amazon WorkSpaces, TeamViewer, and many more remote platforms.
  • SWIPE, POINT AND SCROLL - No need to reach for your touchscreen. Even without a touchscreen, the GT’s unique touch gesture technology allows you to scroll and zoom with ease.